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4.5 Star Rating

What is Replug?

Replug is an all-in-one link management tool for branded URL shortening, adding retargeting pixels, embedding call-to-actions and creating social media bio-links.

Create Branded Shortened Links With Your Custom Domain

Boost the visibility and trust of your brand by creating short links with your own custom domain. The more content you share, the more awareness and recognition your brand gets. On top of that, you get better deliverability in emails and higher CTR and reach on social media.

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Retarget Anyone Who Clicks On Your Links

Automatically build custom audiences on different ad networks and convert anyone who viewed your content (especially 3rd party content). Increase conversions by running highly targeted retargeting campaigns based on what links your audience has visited.

Add Call-to-actions To Every Link You Share

When sharing 3rd party content, we don’t get much in return except sharing the links. But what if you can add a widget with a call-to-action to promote your product or service - on every 3rd party link you share? Well, that’s exactly what Replug can do for you.

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Create beautiful bio landing pages

Drive traffic from your social media bio links to a beautiful web page containing all of your useful and always up-to-date links. Add links to your services, products, videos, other social media networks and more with easy to use blocks and customizable layouts.

Measure performance of any link with detailed analytics

Easily track the number of clicks on your links, conversation rate, referral sources, locations and devices of your visitors on any link. Analyze different metrics and see what is bringing the results you desire to invest only on the right channels.

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Replug Chrome Extension

Create branded short links on the go with our simple chrome extension which is fully connected with your Replug account. This makes link shortening and sharing easy as 1,2,3.

I love how the internal organization of replug works - It makes me feel organized 🙂 We can define brands, launch several campaigns with different options for each brand, and create distinct links for each campaign. The analytics section of all link data is well done too. It is very easy to get the data that we need from it. There are several tools in the market but I don’t know any other that has so many and powerful features. Well done Replug team!

António Almeida

Web Marketing Consultant - MercadoAlvo

How it works?


Find a link to share

Get the link to any website you want to share with your audience. It can be a blog post, a news article or anything from any website, you don't need to be associated with that website at all.

Create Optimized Link with Replug

Choose a call-to-action type that can be either a link, button, opt-in form, or just a retargeting pixel. Then, customize the message and appearance of the call-to-action.


Share it with your audience

Simply share the new shortened link on social media networks, email newsletters, or any other way you like. Anyone who visits that link will see your call-to-action on the chosen page.

Amplify your engagement

Share more links to get more traffic, followers and leads. Measure your progress by tracking visitors, clicks and conversions from analytics provided in the platform.


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Improve your conversion rate by testing messaging and finding the content that works best for your brand.

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