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Branded URL Shortener

The Complete Link Toolbox

Effortlessly brand, track, retarget, and A/B test links with our feature-rich URL shortener. Explore new horizons and ensure that every URL counts for your marketing, e-commerce, and affiliate strategies.
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URL Shortener - Free Short URLs & Branded Links

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Branded Link Shortening

Place your brand name in every short link you share online to boost brand awareness and conversions.

Link shortening

Create recognizable and trustworthy short links. Share them with your audience for better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.

Custom domains

Customize any link you shorten with your branded domain name. Branded links help your business stay ahead and stand out from your competitors.

Branded short links

Enhance the visual appeal of your short links with Replug's branded domain capability. Be in charge of customization and branding of your links.

Build your brand

Boost brand authority with powerful branded links. Get full control over your links to create brand awareness, instill trust, & drive higher click-through rates.
Create shortened URLs & branded short links

Brand, shorten & transform your links into marketing assets

Long and complex URLs can be confusing - Use Replug to create branded short links that are more reliable and user-friendly.

Social Media Bio Links

Add branded link-in-bio to showcase your brand's best image.

Drive traffic with branded bio links

Identify your target audience, hook them with high-quality content, and get impressive outcomes.

Make your content accessible

One bio link to house all visitors from all your favorite social media platforms. Allowing visitors to easily access the content that you wish to showcase. Connect more followers as your brand grows.

Build your own microsite

Create a personalized webpage in seconds with super easy click-to-add functionality. Add visually appealing text, images, videos etc. and showcase your content in different theme styles and animations.

Retargeting your bio links

Turn visitors into customers using cross channel retargeting to the people who interact with your bio links.
Social media bio link tool by Replug

Supercharge your brand’s growth with bio links

Utilize a unified link across your social media platforms to drive traffic to your online store and increase brand awareness.

In-Depth Link Analytics

With detailed URL analytics, make smart business choices and track what’s working, and what’s not.

Track link analytics

Track a multitude of URL parameters such as clicks, conversions, and unique visitors to make informed decisions on doubling down on profitable streams.

Automated reports

With tailored metrics and presentation-ready insights, automated reports allow users with effortless data collection.

Visitor demographics

Examine traffic parameters such as device type, browser, country, IP, etc. to create targeted campaigns.

Conversion analytics

Set goals for your campaigns to track and analyze how many conversions you have achieved for certain campaigns.
Link Tracking & Link Analytics from Replug

Track, analyze & optimize your marketing campaigns

Finetune your marketing strategy and gain actionable insights to make informed decisions. Propel your business forward with the data-driven link analytics.

White-Label Solution

Think of it as your very own in-house link management tool. Take complete control of your agency’s branding by adding your branded custom domain, emails & reports, logos & favicons, interface, and more.

Branded links

Display your domain instead of Replug's domain in shortened URLs. Only authorized users can create links using your branded domain on the URL shortener service.

Branded reports

Share presentation-ready link analytics reports with your clients to highlight top performing campaigns.

Custom dashboard

Customize your dashboard interface with your brand colors, logo, brand name, meta image, meta description, and domain.

Branded emails

Connect your brand’s email with Replug and get all branded reports & other emails sent to your branded email address.
White label solutions for branded short links & link management

Customize, personalize & dominate with your own white-labeled link management platform.

Deliver a branded experience to your audience. Customize the domain, personalize the user experience, and showcase a white-labeled dashboard for your agency.

Link Management Solutions

Customize, convert, and track your links. Enhance user experience by generating customized links that result in increased conversion rates.

Route traffic with link rotation

Route visitors to multiple landing pages with a single link. Use preset filters like country, time, and date to intelligently direct traffic to the best URL destinations that align with your goals.

Maximize conversions with custom CTAs

Increase the number of visitors to your website by creating personalized call-to-actions when sharing external content.

Deliver seamless experience with deep links

Deep linking connects your favorite third-party apps, such as Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, etc., with Replug and fluently directs users to relevant content, products, app store videos, or a playlist.

Convert lost visitors with retargeting

Retarget audiences that click your short links with Replug retargeting pixels on your favorite social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc, ensuring you never miss out on another potential leads.
Branded link management by Replug

Boost link performance

Get the most complete and simple to use URL shortener. Organize your links and grow your audience today with short links, UTM tags, retargeting pixels, traffic routing, deep links, CTA campaigns and more.

Simple tools for easier lives

Custom link preview

Customize Link Previews

Replug gives you the ability to customize the image, title and description which will be displayed in the link preview on different social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets

Integrate third-party widgets such as Optinmonster, Convertflul, Mailchimp and more, using Javascript or HTML code in our custom widgets section for a personalized experience.
Password Protected Links

Password Protected Links

Add password protection to restrict public access to any link you share. Anyone who opens the link will be prompted to provide the password to view the content.
AB Testing Tool

A/B Testing

Analyze up to 10 URLs or different versions of the same URL and use the destination page that consistently delivers the best results.
QR Code Generator

QR Generator

Generate a smart QR code with every branded short link you create with Replug. Download the code and use it on visiting cards, flyers,etc.
set link expiry

Link Expiry

Create temporary links for time-bound promotions. Set an expiry date and time, once the link expires, users are redirected to another URL of your choice.
RSS automation

RSS Automation

Create automation campaigns in Replug to generate branded short links of your favorite content source through an RSS Feed URL.
set unique tags to links


Set unique tags incoherence with your campaigns and assign them to links. Riffle through tons of links with ease.
Free SSL certificate

Free SSL Certificate

When you add your custom domain in Replug, SSL configuration is automatically done on the backend.

Here’s what our customers have to say

Replug review by Kimberly Charron
I love using replug for myself and my clients. While curating content, I can generate leads and send sign-ups straight to an ESP. I highly recommend this investment from building your company brand online, to providing ongoing value to clients as a web agency
Kimberly Charron
Social Media Manager - Kimberly Charron
Replug review by Nitesh Manav
Think of a link shortener tool which can make each external link capable of holding all the marketing information, you can otherwise imagine only with your own website. Replug is a superman of Link-shortening world. It carries pixels, CTAs, popups and a lot of integration options along with custom domain branding capability. Above all, the team behind this is responsive and responsible. Highly recommended.
Nitesh Manav
Digitally Upstream - Founder
Replug review by António Almeida
I love how the internal organization of replug works - It makes me feel organized 🙂 We can define brands, launch several campaigns with different options for each brand, and create distinct links for each campaign. The analytics section of all link data is well done too. It is very easy to get the data that we need from it. There are several tools in the market but I don’t know any other that has so many and powerful features. Well done Replug team!
António Almeida
Web Marketing Consultant - MercadoAlvo
Replug review by Rommel C. Caibal
Replug is one of the best marketing software in my arsenal to date. I've tried many link shorteners and CTA apps in the past, but nothing comes close to Replug’s jam-packed list of features. Also, working with tens, if not hundreds of sales and marketing tools, this one is by far the best and most versatile lead generation tool out there that connects to many of the sought-after marketing SaaS in this industry.!"
Rommel C. Caibal
Founder at RCC Graphic Designs
Product Hunt

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