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Link Tracking

Link Tracking & Analytics at Fingertips

Gain insights and make informed decisions by effectively tracking and managing the performance of your short links through comprehensive link analytics.

Revamp Your Digital Strategy With Link Analytics

Use Replug link tracking tool to analyze various key performance indicators (KPIs), including conversion rate, click performance, visitors by country, referral source, devices, and more. Identify which campaigns are producing positive results and boost engagement with them.
Link tracking & link analytics by Replug

Streamline Link Management

Keep your campaigns secure and well-organized. Set expiry dates for time-bound promotions, and use passwords to ensure only authorized users can access the links. Additionally, use tags to personalize and organize your links for easy access.
URL tracking & link management

Create & Track UTMs With Link Tracker

Use UTM tags to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and evaluate the ones driving maximum traffic and leads for your business. In addition, you can utilize intelligent parameters to discover traffic sources.
link utm tracking parameters

Perform Bulk Actions

Save time by importing your CSV files to shorten your links in bulk. You can select multiple links simultaneously and perform suitable actions, such as activating, deactivating, archiving, or deleting them.
Bulk actions for link tracking

Export Downloadable Reports

Monitor and analyze your clicks and conversions based on various factors such as creation date, brands, campaigns, and links. Receive an in-depth analysis of your link performance daily, weekly, or monthly through emails.
Downloadable reports for link tracking

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Frequently asked questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - We are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!
A tracking link, also known as a tracking URL, is a web link that includes specialized parameters or codes designed to monitor and collect data about clicks, page views, conversions, and other user behaviors.

When a user clicks on a tracking link, the tracking parameters are sent to a tracking system or analytics tool, which records the activity and provides detailed information to the link owner. This data can include the source of the click, the geographic location of the user, the device used, and more.

Link tracking is commonly used in digital marketing to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns, assess the performance of specific content, and make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing strategies.

Amplify Your Marketing With Optimized Link Sharing

Over 35,000+ marketers, agencies, businesses, e-commerce stores and brands optimize and track their links using Replug and get better returns on their marketing efforts.