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Link Shortener

Establish Brand Authority Using Your “brand.com” Custom Domain

Personalize generic links into branded ones with Replug’s URL shortener. Share it with your audience to drive significant traffic and track performance with every click.

Branded Links Cement a Positive Brand Image

Adding your branded domain and keywords to your short links with recognizable URL endings builds trust with your audience. Craft optimized URLs and unique slugs with Replug that reflect your brand, enhancing click-through rates and user engagement.
Branded short links & custom domains by Replug

Consistent Branding Across All Marketing Channels

Utilize branded links for social media, SMS, QR codes, affiliate marketing campaigns, and e-commerce sales. Increase brand recognition across every channel, curating an unforgettable and profit-driven customer journey.
Online branding with Branded short links and custom domains

Much More Than Just A Link Shortener

Add customized call-to-actions, retargeting pixels, third-party widgets and URL tracking to your branded short links. If that's not enough, test your marketing campaigns with A/B testing, link rotator (traffic routing) and more.
Add url tracking, custom CTAs, AB testing and Retargeting pixels

White Labeled Solution for Agencies

Add your agency’s branded logo, favicon and color scheme to Replug’s interface, creating your own dashboard. Get your branded URL shortener without reinventing the wheel and without additional development costs.
White label solution for agencies

Make Informed Decisions for Your Link Strategy

Track and measure the performance of your links to make intelligent tweaks to your link strategy. Get true analytics of link performance to analyze user engagement with clicks and conversion analytics reports. Create custom audience w.r.t demographics, geographics and other data to make sales easy.
Link tracking & link analytics

UTM Tracking &
In-depth Insights

UTM tags make it easier to analyze traffic and see where it's coming from and how it's behaving. Monitor click-through rates and identify traffic sources to refine your marketing efforts effectively. For example, you can track your paid ad, Facebook post, email campaign, or any other social campaign with UTM trackers.
utm builder and link tracking

Streamline Your Link Management

Manage all your links from one centralized location for social, SMS, affiliate and all other marketing campaigns. Simplify link organization with tags for easy searching and quick access. Track URL performance and edit links to make up for any errors when and where necessary.
One stop link management tool from Replug

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Frequently asked questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - We are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!
A link shortener, also known as a URL shortener, is a valuable tool that simplifies and enhances your online marketing efforts.
It works by converting lengthy into concise, user-friendly links. When users click on these shortened links, they are automatically redirected to the original destination URL.
Use a link shortener to create shorter, more user-friendly URLs that enhance readability, save space, and improve the user experience, especially on platforms with character limits like social media.

Amplify Your Marketing With Optimized Link Sharing

Over 35,000+ marketers, agencies, businesses, e-commerce stores and brands optimize and track their links using Replug and get better returns on their marketing efforts.