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Retargeting Pixel

Recover Your Lost Sales Using Link Retargeting Pixels

Track website visitors and run retargeting campaigns across different platforms, encouraging clicks and boosting conversions and engagement.

No Coding, Just Retargeting!

Creating a link retargeting campaign requires no technical knowledge. Copy and paste your pixel code and start capturing lost customers.
Retargeting Pixels by Replug

Run Multi-Platform Retargeting Campaigns

Reach and engage with users on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Each clicks on your social ads or email retargeting ads expands your ad pixel to include more of your target audience.
Retargeting pixels - run multi-platform retargeting campaigns

Build Your Custom Audience

Every retargeting link you share helps attract and retain new audiences. Replug retargeting platform adds everyone who clicks on your short link to your custom audience.Track and re-engage with them by showing ads on multiple social platforms.
Build custom audiences with Replug Retargeting

Reduce Cart Abandonments

Retargeting campaigns remind visitors to return and complete their purchases, or upsell and cross-sell to your potential customers. Ultimately, enhancing your online store’s customer journey cycle and improving checkout rates.
Replug retargeting helps you reduce cart abandonments

Add Catchy CTA’s to Your Retargeted Links

With Replug retargeting platform, add customizable calls to action to generate traffic and conversions to your destination short URLs. Track and retarget every user who clicks on your CTA button.
Add call-to-actions to your retargeting campaign

Leverage Analytics as Your Roadmap

Easily integrate tracking pixel codes directly in your links to track clicks & conversions from the Replug dashboard. Let data guide you to increase traffic and conversions. Use insights to shape a precise digital marketing strategy and deliver a personalized customer experience.
Leverage tracking and analytics features

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Frequently asked questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - We are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!
A retargeting pixel, also known as a tracking pixel or simply a pixel, is a tiny piece of code that is added to a website's pages. When a user visits the website, the pixel is activated and collects information about the user, such as their interests and browsing history. This information is then used to show the user targeted ads on other websites, and social media platforms that they visit.

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