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Link Rotator

Dynamic Link Rotation for A More Customized User Experience

Utilize a single link to direct visitors to various landing pages, executing predefined filters (country, time, date, etc) for strategic traffic distribution.

Create & Target Custom Audiences

You can include up to 10 traffic rules for your short links. This helps route users who click your links to different destination URLs based on preset conditions. If someone doesn't meet any rule, you can send them to your chosen default link.
link rotator by Replug

Impactful Marketing Campaigns

Effectively distribute traffic across various marketing channels using a single URL. Segment the audience based on country, device, browser, OS, IP address, date, and day of the week. Further, capitalize on all potential leads with audience-specific ad and retargeting campaigns.
split traffic between multiple landing pages - traffic routing

Boost Your Sales With Location-Based Offers

Improve engagement and conversion rates by redirecting users to relevant pages. Minimize any friction associated with the buyer’s journey. Show different offers to users based on their location and increase your reach to a global audience. On top of that, display prices in the visitor's local currency, making the checkout process smoother.
traffic routing - link rotator

Never Miss Out on Valuable Traffic!

Create a personalized experience for your target audience. Redirecting visitors to audience specific webpages to improve conversion rates. Elevate your brand and connect with your target market like never before!
link rotation - traffic routing

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