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Are you searching for a proficient Bitly alternative that is not just a link shortener but has many more features to offer?
If yes, you’ll find out the answers to all your questions towards the end of this page. We have an exclusive tool for you which would help you transform your market presence by sharpening your social media campaigns; retargeting and converting the custom-built audience via branded call-to-actions.
Enhance the customer experience by integrating third-party widgets and Email Service Providers and above all, track the ROI of your campaigns.


Brand Management

URL Shorteningyesyes
URL customizationyesyes
Retargeting Campaignsnoyes
Branded Short Domainsyesyes
Branded Call-to-Actionsyesyes
Custom third-party widgetsnoyes
RSS feed shortenernoyes
Link Trackingyesyes
Team Managementyesyes
Lead collectionnoyes
Campaign Managementyesyes


Email Service Providersnoyes
API Accessyesyes


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Brand Management

Replug is an ideal Bitly alternative when it comes to brand management. It’s a link shortener with many more capabilities which could elevate your brand’s position and boost your social media campaigns.

The Power Of A Link Shortener

Utilize Replug’s link shortener and create concise & editable URLs via the Replug app or Google Chrome Extension. Share your curated content via a customized short URL and invite your audience to get enlightened from niche-relevant content. You can use these short links easily in your emails and social media posts; avoiding the violation of the character limit in your post.

Replug also lets you shorten your RSS feed URLs which you could use for any third-party tools and capture the most recent data from your feed.

replug chrome extension
branded links

Branded Links

There are two types of campaigns you can create in Replug, Branded link shortener and Call-To-Action. A campaign allows you to create widgets for your brand advertisement. You can create campaigns to promote your branded message and collect leads for each of your brands. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manage all links in one platform.

Link Tracking

Knowing the worth of your efforts is necessary to enhance and modify your social media marketing techniques. Analyze the traffic brought in by your Replug links and calculate the Return on Investment by observing the parameters like clicks, unique clicks, conversions, and conversion rate.

link tracking
retarget audience

Retarget your Audience

Converting your audience by retargeting them is of absolute importance to increase your sales. This alternative lets you configure retargeting campaigns for several platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, Google or any of your custom domains. Use the pixel ID from the afore-mentioned networking sites to create retargeting campaigns in Replug to convert warm audiences into actual buyers.

Branded Call-to-Actions

A call-to-action is the quickest way to promote your offers, sales, feature updates, or any brand news among the related audience. Replug lets you create appealing branded call-to-action widgets for your blogs, websites, or your peer’s blogs that you share via your social channels. These call-to-actions could also be shared on any third-party links to gather leads.

branded call-to-actions
custom widgets

Custom third-party Widgets

Replug aims at aiding your campaigns to enrich the relationship with your customers. Customers crave for convenience and accessibility from their prospective vendors. With Replug, you can add third-party widgets like opt-in forms, chatbots, video embed, quizzes, or any tool to accessorize your shared links.

Team Management

To manage different campaigns and different brands, replug lets you add as many as 10 team members to create progressive campaigns. Replug lets you track your team members’ activities and their contribution towards the success of your brand marketing campaigns.

collaborate with team members


Replug lets you collaborate with your favorite third-party services to diversify your presence on social media channels.

email marketing

Email Service providers

Email is one of the most reliable sources for gaining popularity among your audience. Replug lets you collect leads and grow the subscriber lists for different email newsletter applications, SMS messaging services, and email marketing tools. Use opt-in forms to target the relevant audience and get them to subscribe to you.

API Access

Replug allows its agency users to use the API token to integrate with any third-party tools to use the promoting campaigns on their broadcasting channels.

collaborate with team members

Price Plans

Replug provides you all these tremendous features in very economical packages. Providing a basic monthly plan for $19/ month, pro plan for $49/ month, and anagency plan for $79/ month.

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