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Brand The Links You Share

Place your brand where it matters. Use "" to instill brand authority.

Cement Your Brand Authority With Links

Add your domain name in Replug to put your brand identity at the forefront of the links you create. Brand the content you share to build trust with your audience. This significantly increases the chances of them clicking your links.

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Custom Domain Setup

With Replug you can seamlessly Integrate your Custom Domain to create powerful links. Replace with your brand name. LInk your Custom domain in Replug and create true branded links in a matter of minutes.

Improve Your Click-Through Rate

Take control of the content you share by branding it with your business name. This imprints your brand in the mind of the reader and helps you get more clicks. Use replug to establish your brand authority with every link you share.

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Branded Links Equals Marketing Asset

Every link you share on social media and other platforms is an opportunity to market your brand. Build a trust factor with your audience by simply appending your brand name in the links. Boost your CTR with the power of branded short links.

Seeing Is Believing

Create recognizable links for your business. Insert helpful words at the end of your links to help people know what exactly the link is for. Use words such as Blog post, Marketing, Tutorials for self and customer recognition. This also helps in tracking what type of content is resonating with your readers.

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Amplify Your Marketing With Optimized Link Sharing

Over 10,000+ marketers, agencies, businesses, e-commerce stores and brands optimize and track their links using Replug and get better returns on their marketing efforts.

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