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Branded Links

The Perfect Tool for Branded Link Management

Unlock the power of a comprehensive link management tool to elevate your marketing game. Our top-notch features, including branded links, bio links, link routing, and advanced analytics, are all designed to help you market your brand effectively and convert leads with precision.

Unlock the Power of Branded Short Links

Elegantly shorten complex and unattractive URLs to powerful, recognizable, and branded short links. Build your brand's reputation by sharing clean, short links for social media, SMS and other marketing campaigns.

Further, replace RPLG.co with your custom domain name to instill brand authority and recognition. Ensure that your domain name pops up at the right place by inserting it in every link you share.
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Instantly Create Bio Link Landing Pages

Apply a 360-degree brand marketing approach using a single bio link. Add links to your social profiles, services, products, videos, or other content with easy-to-use blocks and customizable layouts.

Extend your brand reach with the most relevant content that leads to more traffic, followers, or sales. With your own microsite, you have control over your brand marketing. So what's the wait? Create and share bio links and enhance your conversion rate now.
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Route, Deep Link & A/B Test

Link routing directs visitors to different destination URLs depending on their browser, device, operating systems, etc. Also, run targeted marketing campaigns on specific days, dates, or regions for more rewarding results.

Further, use deep linking for smooth user navigation and in-app experience. From app discovery to making your content accessible, deep linking is the way to go. And if you are unsure about your marketing strategy, A/B test up to 10 URL variations to determine the best performing one.
URL split testing and link rotator

Reclaim Lost Audiences With Retargeting

Retargeting is the key to reconnecting with visitors who have shown interest in your products and services but have yet to convert. It's as simple as connecting your pixel from your social platforms to Replug, and you'll be prepared to reclaim your lost audience.

For digital marketers and brands, retargeting is an essential tool for recapturing lost customers. It not only enhances engagement and reduces cart abandonments, but also boosts ROI with paid ad campaigns. Additionally, you can effortlessly track performance across all social platforms, increasing your chances of conversions through retargeting.
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Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Track engagement for each branded short link you share. Analyze KPIs such as click performance, conversion rates, visitors by country, visitors by source, and many more. Plus, get reports of each campaign to your email or download them as CSV.

Take your insights further by seamlessly integrating UTM parameters into your short links, allowing you to precisely monitor the traffic source with tools like Usermaven or Google Analytics. Maximize your marketing precision with this invaluable feature.
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White Label Solution for Agencies

Brand all the Replug features under your agency name and theme. Personalize and create an effective brand mark by having your own branding over Replug. Replug's white label solution enables your agency to build a strong digital presence and instant brand recognition.

Why invest in developing a new tool when you can turn Replug into your in-house branding asset. Save the hassle and get a ready-to-use tool, while you can focus on bigger goals. Let's join hands and drive growth with a successful partnership.
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Amplify Your Marketing With Optimized Link Sharing

Over 35,000+ marketers, agencies, businesses, e-commerce stores and brands optimize and track their links using Replug and get better returns on their marketing efforts.