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URL Shortener

Elegantly shorten complex and unattractive URLs to powerful and recognizable short links. Build your brand authority by sharing clean, short links on social media and emails. Replug is the perfect link management tool to brand, analyze and create custom short URLs.

URL shortener
bio links

Social Media Bio Links

Create exquisite Bio-links to create a 360-degree marketing packet about your brand in one single link. Connect up to 5 social profiles, 10 links, and an RSS feed URL that will fetch the first five articles. Share this info-packed branded link on social media to enhance your conversion rate.

Link Analytics

Make informed decisions for your brand’s digital strategy by analyzing 10+ data points. Track engagement matrices on the content you share. Analyze KPIs such as Click performance, Conversion, Visitors by country, Visitors by source, and many more.

link analytics
custom domain setup

Custom Domain

Replace RPLG.co with your custom domain name to instill brand authority and recognition. Make sure that your domain name pops up at the right place by inserting it in every link you share. Build your brand's reputation through branded links.

…and it doesn’t stop here

We have a ton more features you won’t find anywhere else because we have built these by carefully listening to our customers’ feedback.

custom widgets

Customize Link Previews

Replug gives you the ability to customize the image, title and description which will be displayed in the link preview on different social media channels including Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber. This helps you make your posts attractive and hence increases the number of clicks you get.

custom widgets

Custom Widgets

Replug now allows you to add 3rd party widgets here to use them in your campaigns. This opens a horizon of possibilities for you to include any type of widget you desire. A great example is the use of opt-in forms from tools like Optinmonster, Sumo, Poptin, Convertflow or even your own lead forms. Simply add the Javascript or HTML code of the widget in Replug Custom Widgets.

custom widgets

Password Protected Links

If you want to restrict public access to any link and want to share it with only a handful of people, you can add password protection. Anyone who opens the link will be prompted to provide the password to view the content.

rss automation

RSS Automation

Create automation campaigns in Replug to generate branded short links through an RSS Feed URL. Branded links are presented to you within 30 minutes of the post being published at the source. Use the set and forget the strategy to always have branded links of your favorite RSS Feed at hand.

client reports

Automated Reports

Replug enables you to automate reporting to all stakeholders e.g. managers, clients, brand. Select your brand, campaign, reporting frequency, and upto 25 recipients to land the report directly in their inbox at the specified time and date.

custom widgets

Geo-targeting ( NEW )

Create special links to forward users to the right country or region link based on their IP address. Use geo-targeted links to deliver relevant content to an international audience.

qr code generator

QR Generator

QR codes gained popularity as scannable marketing sources. Generate a smart QR code with every branded short link you create with Replug. Download the code and use it in your visiting cards, flyers, or discount code as a marketing opportunity to cement brand authority.

utm builder-replug

UTM Builder

Create intelligent parameters to track the traffic sources of your website. Use the UTM builder to add code snippets/ labels that precisely aggregate and record your web traffic in Google Analytics. This helps you identify which channels you should invest in to get the most leads for your business.



Tags are identifiers associated with your links. You can use them to riffly through tons of links and segregate appropriate ones. Set unique tags incoherence with your campaigns and assign them to links. This makes searching tags a piece of cake.

custom widgets

Link Expiry

Create temporary active links by setting an expiry date and time. Once the link expires, the users are redirected to another URL of your choice. This feature can help with time-bound promotions, creating a sense of urgency and combating plagiarism.

custom widgets

Mobile Deep Linking ( NEW )

Seamlessly route users to the right destination to view the content according to their device. If a visitor doesn’t have your app installed, he’ll be redirected to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app first.

custom widgets

Free SSL Certificate

All your branded short links will be on HTTPS protocol without any extra configuration from your end. When you add your custom domain in Replug, SSL configuration is automatically done for you on the backend.

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