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Create Bulk SMS Links for SMS Marketing

Replug lets you create branded short links in Bulk to be used in SMS marketing campaigns. Combine that with advanced link tracking and true analytics to help shape your brand marketing.

Mass Branded Marketing

Optimally utilize the limited characters in an SMS marketing campaign to convey your message. Not only that brand wraps it to build authority. Replug seamlessly accomplishes this so you get more leads from SMS marketing every time.

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Link Tracking and Management

Replug manages your brand and links for you. This includes link creation, branding, tracking, and analytics. The tracking data coming from the links are conveniently shown in the dashboard for you to make tweaks in your marketing strategy. Access to powerful analytics aids in reporting and facilitating decision-makers in your organization.

Integration for Facilitation

Replug has integration with almost all major SMS marketing platforms for effective execution. Utilize this facility to accomplish complex projects where branded link distribution and tracking are needed.

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Amplify Your Marketing With Optimized Link Sharing

Over 10,000+ marketers, agencies, businesses, e-commerce stores and brands optimize and track their links using Replug and get better returns on their marketing efforts.

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