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Free UTM Builder

Redefine your marketing campaigns with Replug’s Free UTM Builder.
Get rich features like UTM tracking, retargeting pixel, branded links and more with a tool tailored for marketers and agencies.
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Insert product, promo code, or slogan (e.g summer_sale).
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How to use this UTM Builder?

Our UTM builder makes campaign tracking easy. It makes your link more powerful. Here's how to use it best:
Add Your Link
Enter the URL of your website, blog post, or landing page in the first field.
Add UTM Parameters
Then add details like the campaign name, source, medium, etc.
Generate & Implement UTM Code
Last step is to generate the UTM code effortlessly, and integrate it into your marketing materials.
UTM ParameterDescriptionRequiredExample
website_urlSpecifies the URL of the website associated with the campaignYesutm_website_url=https://example.com
campaignNames the specific campaign to track (e.g., summer_sale, product_launch)Yesutm_campaign=summer_sale
campaign_idIdentifies the unique campaign IDNoutm_campaign_id=123456
mediumSpecifies the marketing medium (e.g., email, CPC, organic)Yesutm_medium=email
sourceIdentifies the origin of your traffic (e.g., newsletter, social media)Yesutm_source=newsletter
contentDescribes the specific ad or content variation (optional)Noutm_content=ad_variant
termIncludes the keywords associated with paid search (optional)Noutm_term=keyword

Quick & Efficient UTM builder

Save time with Replug's speedy UTM code generation. In seconds, your UTM code is ready for implementation across various marketing channels. Effortlessly turn your marketing campaigns into success with our UTM builder.
Quick UTM Code Generation

Customizable Parameters

Tailor your parameters to perfection to suit your unique campaigns. And fine-tune every aspect of your marketing campaigns with our UTM builder. From sources to terms, have full control over the details for precise data interpretation.
Customizable Parameters

Get In-Depth Insights

Sign up with Replug and effortlessly track the performance of your UTM links. Simplify and boost your marketing campaigns with precision, empowering you to make informed decisions.
Unleash In-Depth Insights

Limit the Length of UTM URLs

Utilize Replug to make your UTM links stand out. Replug seamlessly connects your personalized domain, enabling you to create and share shortened URLs.
Limit the length of UTM URLs

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